Withdraw Funds From IQ Option In India Easily

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Signing up for an account with IQ Option is a cakewalk and so is the trading interface. For this you can thank the developers that took all the pain to  build a user friendly interface that explains itself well and anyone can easily use it.

The simplicity of the Binary Option or for that matter, other assets on the platform are preferred because of its easy to use interface. The features offered by the platform can easily make any trader happy for its detailed instructions and ‘how to’ guide.But is it the case when you want to withdraw funds from IQ Option in India?

This article will give you a walk through about how to go for the withdrawal once you have had enough gains betting the options.

Should you right away go for withdrawal with just a luck hit and some gain on your initial investment?

Mostly what everyone of us would do once you hit the right bet is withdraw the invested amount. But more successful traders would not do that or would prefer to hold the funds for trading further.

One of the blogs has mentioned the same with a hitting logic to the practice. That says:

If the initial investment you made was just for the adrenaline rush, you can very well go ahead and withdraw your funds. In case you wanted to trade seriously, you should think again as you had a serious trading plan.

The methods

Now after you think you have hit the level, there are different options to withdraw funds from IQ Option in India. Not all are available for every country due to demographic differences. Still, the most preferred ones are:

1.      Bank Transfers

There are many reasons as why you would not like to resort to Wire transfers as the first option to withdraw your funds. One of the most prominent is the huge amount that they charge for processing the amount. No doubt it is the one of the quickest ways to withdraw your money as it hardly takes up to 24 hours for the wire transfer to get processed. Due to large processing fee and other factors I would not recommend this to anyone.

2.      E-Wallets

a)      Skrill

i)           One of the most common withdrawal methods among the
active traders is this wallet.It usually takes around 2-3 days for the withdrawal to process once you hit the withdraw button. You must add your bank account or credit/debit card for funds to get processed.

ii)           The factor that plays here is the process of authentication and verification that follows after you have successfully registered for the wallet. It can take up to a week for the verification process to complete.

iii)         Once you get the verification done, you can easily withdraw your money every time with a minor fee of 1-2% (processing fee).

3.      Neteller

One of the minor changes that make it less preferred than the previous one is that you need to verify your account first before making any withdrawal request. Whereas in ‘Skrill’, you can withdraw funds up to 40k without any verification.

4.      Card transfer

One of the alternatives for withdrawing your funds from IQ Option is Card transfer but you can only withdraw the initial amount that you deposited.


There are other options available like Web Money, Fasa Pay and many others but they are not available due to demographic or other restraints. The above mentioned are the most preferred ones among the active traders and you can always choose them to withdraw your funds.

Happy Trading!

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