Why Deepak Nandal Beat Up Deepak Kalal?

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Recently a video of Deepak kalal being beaten by Deepak Nandal has been floating over the social media. The video shows Deepak Kalal, the rumoured boyfriend of actress Rakhi Sawant being beaten by a well built guy named Deepak Nandal.

Deepak Nandal, according to his social profile is a producer from Gurugram, Haryana. He has previously managed local stars like Faizalpuria and famous rapper Badshah.

According to Deepak Nandal, Kalal was shooting a video in Cannaught Place using derogatory remarks claiming “protein in his piss”.

Deepak Kalal
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Deepak Kalal has previously shot many videos with controversial remarks to get cheap popularity on social media. For his videos, he was heavily criticized on social media by the users.

According to the producer, he beat up Kalal because of the foul language and remarks in his videos. Deepak Nandal stated that the videos are being watched by large number of people including kids. And it poses a very bad impact on their minds.

He also threatened Kalal of beating him again if he releases any such video again.

Source: premieroutlook

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