Top 06 Unique Gifts For Your Man

Surprising your loved ones by presenting unique gifts undoubtedly brings a huge smile to their faces, no matter its size or the cost. It’s definitely the intention behind along with your feelings that matter and this would surely make them blissful.
Choosing an appropriate gift for men specifically is a task that needs a lot of patience and research, really! Whatever you find is another basic thing possessed by almost every guy. Let’s have a look at some of the unique gifts that are meant exclusively for men:

  1. RFID Blocking Wallet
RFID Wallet Amazon
Source : Amazon

Gone are the days when men carried cash or the credit card in wallets. With the new technological advancements, regular wallets are replaced by RFID Blocking Wallets.

RFID is Radio Frequency Identification. It is used to scan tags in credit/debit card and contains electronically- stored information. It can be used by thieves which makes your card unsafe in regular wallets. Hence, this wallet is designed exclusively to protect the plastic money with a capacity of up to 12 cards. The case is ultra light and slim and its Aluminium and Stainless Steel body makes it durable. Gifting this to your loved ones would not only help them protect money, but also reveal how much you actually care for them.

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2. 3D Football Mug

Football mug
Source: Bigsmall

Barcelona or Real Madrid, no matter which club he supports, he would be glad to receive this 3D Football Mug from you. This mug is dishwasher safe, microwave friendly and has a capacity of 350 ml. The unique handle which is carved in the shape of a player kicking the ball is an eye-catcher for all. It is 12 cm high and has been dexterously painted by hand.

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3. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

fruit infuser water bottle
Source: Amazon

Most of the men are fitness freaks and love to work out regularly. The other side of Workout relies on the diet of which, water is an essential component. To sweat and burn a lot one needs to keep himself hydrated and for such gym freaks a detox water bottle is going to act superb. You can now help your man stay hydrated all day long with this fruit infuser and they would enjoy having different tastes that keeps them rejuvenated. One can infuse any fruit or veggie of his choice. This 1L bottle comes with an anti slip cover that makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere you wish to.

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4. Kindle Starter Pack

 kindle paperwhite 10th gen
Source: Amazon

Does your partner reads a lot and loves carrying books all the time? Make them excited for a better moment for now there’s an opportunity to carry lots of books together without even physically carrying the load. Wonder how? Without thinking much, present this 7 th Generation Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader to such a friend of yours. Available in Black color, it also has a form-fitted NuPro cover with magnetic closure. It is slim, light-weighted and also helps your loved one protect their eye with its built-in adjustable light feature.

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5. Geek Astro Mobile Stand

Geek Astro Mobile Stand
Source: Bigsmall

A sitting astronaut mobile stand will definitely be a great gift for men. It is designed for mobile phones and tabs of any company. Phones can be placed both horizontally or vertically. With capacity of 450 grams, the screen size recommended is up to 5.5 inches. Apart from functioning as a phone holder, it would also serve to be a wonderful figurine for a table top.

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6. Protein Shaker Bottle with Electric Stirring

Electric protein shaker
Source: Amazon

Another cool gift for the gym guys is a Protein shaker Bottle that works with a one touch button. The mixing system works with a detachable motor and is leakage proof with an anti spill lid. This is really going to be a great surprise for your gym buddy who is definitely going to love you more for having gifted him such an amazing product.

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Get your loved ones closer to you and make every moment special by gifting any of these unique gifts. May it be your friend, brother or your partner, spread all the love and happiness that you have been deciding for a long time.

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