Top 05 Facts About Vapes, Before You Buy One

Fascinated by the Ads on Instagram, if you are going to buy an e-cigarette or vape you must read these 5 facts about vapes and how it can affect you.

Vapes or e-cigarettes are considered as an alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes. Vapes got viral among its users because of the lower nicotine level and an alternative for cigarettes. The manufacturers claim that vapes pose less harmful effect than a cigarette does and can help people with cigarette addiction, in getting over cigarettes.

Here are top 5 facts you must know about vapes:

  1. E-cigarettes Contain Liquid Nicotine

Although e-cigarettes do not involve burning of tobacco leaves, they aren’t nicotine free. The flavored liquid used in vapes contain some amount of nicotine. The dosage of nicotine depends on the mixture of liquid flavor inside the cartridge. For those who want to make it clean and healthy can choose flavors without nicotine.

2. Is Vaping Less Harmful?

According to a study, E-cigarettes can help more than 6,000 smokers per year and save their lives. Vaping is known to pose less harmful effects than a cigarette does.

3. Vapes Can Be Toxic

Apart from the liquid nicotine, vape flavors can contain more than thousands of chemicals. Some of them can be carcinogenic and can pose serious health effects.

4. Reusable

Vapes are battery based and can be recharged and used again and again. Most of them come with the normal USB charger and can be charged on the go.

5. No Quality Control

There are still questions about the certifications of the vaping brands. There are no set standards for this fancy electronic device. Moreover, the health benefits related to getting over cigarettes can’t be verified. There are instances when the nicotine content on the flavoring label do not match the standards.

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