The Tea-selling Couple with Serious Travel Goals

tea-selling couple
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Everyone of us would have planned foreign trips that never got executed because we felt too broke. But the theory of costly foreign trips has been set aside by this tea-selling couple who have visited 23 countries.

Meet Vijayan and Mohana Vijayan, an inspiring couple from Kochi, Kerala has set travel goals for all of us by travelling 23 countries with their piggy-bank savings.

Married for more than 45 years now, they have visited 23 countries including UK, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, France, Peru and are still setting travel goals for every one.

Most of us would be imagining their business to be a roaring one. Apparently not ! They have been running “Sree Balaji Coffee House” for more than 40 years in Kochi.

The Formula?

Vijayan Couple

The couple saves Rs 300 every month and at the end of every third year they pool the money and borrow some from the bank.

To the surprise, they have Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Greenland and Holland in their to-travel list.

The couple’s inspiring story is all over the internet now. The major contribution is by the travel bloggers who found their travel goals worth reaching every person on the planet.

Kudos ! to the couple and their serious travel-goals.

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