04 Indian Politicians Whose Death Is Still A Mystery

We live daily but die just once and what if the death comes suspiciously and even your near ones have no clue about how it just happened! While you read this, one name would definitely have crossed your mind, which surely would be no other than ‘Dr. Subhash Chandra Bose’.

Apart from him, there are a few more politicians whose deaths have been a mystery for a long time. Let’s find out who all are these:

  1. Lal Bahadur Shastri

His death reportedly was due to multiple heart attacks while he was in Teshkent with Pakistan’s the then President Ayub Khan for a Summit organised by Soviet PM Alexei Kosygin. Though his wife claimed his whole body turned blue which happens only in case of poisoning, yet, no further action was taken by anybody. 

2. Dr. Subhash Chandra Bose

Many rumors took place about Netaji’s death.The most believed one being that he passed away in a plane crash in Taipei in 1945, as reported by British Govt. While some other report said he took his last breath in Siberia. Nobody knows the truth behind this great man’s death and it continues to be a popular mystery 

3. Rajiv Dixit

Leader of the Azadi Bachao Andolan and the Swadeshi Movement, who fought against corruption and political big cheese, allegedly died of a Heart Attack. When his friends saw most parts of his body turned blue and black, they questioned Ramdev who told them he died before his eyes. What looked suspicious was that his dead body was taken to Patanjali instead of his home. If that’s true, Ramdev definitely holds many answers about his death. 

4. Dr. Syama Prasad Mukherji

A member of Jawaharlal Nehru’s first cabinet who later founded the Bhartiya Jana Sangh believed in “Ek desh mein do nishan, do pradhan, nahin chalega, nahin chalega”. Arrested in 1953, as he entered Kashmir Valley to stage protests against Congress’s decision regarding providing special status and separate PM to J&K under Article 370. His death again remained a mystery and no postmortem was done. Pt. Nehru’s ignorance about his mother’s demand of setting up an inquiry caused more uncertainty about his death. 

These were some of the most controversial deaths in Indian Politics whose truths have not been revealed even till now.

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