Top 07 Places Worth Visiting During Christmas

The bright LED lights and the sound of chimes playing ‘Jingle bell’ excites all of us about the much awaited Christmas. People have already started planning about visiting a new place this year at this time and everyone would love to visit new places and celebrate this auspicious occasion with their loved ones at some new destinations, especially the ones embellished with snow. Have you got any Christmas idea or decided where are you going to take your family this time? If not then let us give you an idea of places you could visit with your family in India or outside to refresh your moods as with this begins the New Year.

1. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

The Queen of Hills never misses out any chance to amaze you, be it any time of the year. Shimla is a place which is pervaded with tourists in all seasons. Best part about it is you get to attend live concerts at the Ridge by the extraordinary rock bands and enjoy having local cuisines in the Mall Road which definitely would be a great treat. Also special events are organized at St.Cathedral Catholic Church and St. Christ Church that make this place a good Christmas idea.

2. Santa Claus Village, Finland

If you’re looking ahead to spend the Christmas vacation in a foreign country, what place would be better than the one whose name itself is Santa Claus Village? Interesting! Isn’t that? The trip to this village and the Santa Park near it indeed will astound you and you would not feel like returning back at all.

3. Lansdowne, Uttarakhand

A hill station in Uttarakhand no doubt, is one of the best places that would definitely satiate your craving of being at a wonderful hill. Enjoying bonfire with your dear ones which are made all the more enjoyable and memorable with some late night jam sessions. No doubt, this place would be a great Christmas idea and a memorable trip.

4. Goa

If you have already visited a white land last year, you should be looking ahead to planning a trip in a place away from snow, and for this no place would be better than Goa. With lots of beaches and clubs, Goa is definitely a great place for night outs and late night parties. You can choose from innumerable options available in pubs and bars, beaches and restaurants and most importantly the churches.

5. Kolkata

Known as the city of Joy, do you think it would not suffice as its name says? Then why not let the beautiful place and lovely people serve you with a lot of enthusiasm and warmth? Without a second thought, book your tickets to meet Santa at Kolkata and mark the occasion with your presence.

6. New York City

With one of the tallest Christmas trees, that is placed annually at the Rockefeller Center,and lit in December, the place in New York City offers tourists with Ice skating right below this tree. You can imagine well how exquisite your Christmas is going to be once you have reached this place. People from all over have already started rushing to NYC to enjoy the pre-Christmas days.

7. Kerala

Indians are well aware of the tourist attractions in South India but for the ones residing out, visiting Kerala to celebrate Christmas Eve will work amazingly. You can have the fun of Beaches, witness mid-night carols and be a part of the grand Festive season which you would always talk of, every Christmas.

There are other places worth visiting during this time of the year like Shillong, Darjeeling, Pondicherry and many more. Planning a trip with your family or friends would always be a great Christmas idea.

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