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06 Reasons Not To Skip Your Leg Day

Google the phrase “Friends don’t let you skip the leg day” and you will find memes of people with bulky upper body with thin legs. I bet no one would have those body goals. Mostly, Saturdays are observed as leg days and to no one’s surprise gym halls are almost empty. But leg days are as more important than any other day and here are 06 reasons that will make you think before skipping the leg days.

Why You Must Add Figs To Your Breakfast

Figs are considered as a sacred fruit and a natural aphrodisiac since ancient times. Here are some reasons why you must add it in your first meal of the day.

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07 Must Know Health Benefits Of Beer

Ever wondered that the fizzy grain drink can be healthy for you?
Yes, beer has many health benefits provided it is consumed in moderate amount. Know more !


04 Effective Ways to Detox After Drinking Alcohol

Next day hangover after an awesome party is biological tax you pay for emptying those beer bottles. To cure that hangover and detox after drinking alcohol is something we all seek desperately. Here are few tips that will help you get back.