All You Should Know About This Beautiful Light Show

northern lights
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The beautiful light show in the above picture is nothing but the ‘Aurora Borealis’ aka ‘Nothern Lights’. The mesmerizing light show takes place around the two magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemisphere.

What causes the beautiful light effect?

aurora borealis
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The lights are caused due to the collision between the charged particles released from the sun entering Earth’s atmosphere and the gases like Oxygen and Nitrogen. Aurora Borealis forecast can always tell the suitable time to experience the beautiful phenomena.

Auroras occurring in the northern hemisphere are called ‘Aurora Borealis’ or ‘Northern Lights’ and auroras in the southern hemisphere are called ‘Aurora Australis’ or ‘Southern Lights’.

Where is the best place to watch Aurora?

northern lights
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As the phenomena occurs near the magnetic poles, the closer you get to them, more gets the chance of viewing the mesmerizing effect. The magnetic south pole is in Antarctica. So, unless you are a scientist working there, the option of experiencing southern lights can be excluded.
Aurora Borealis forecast tells that North America and Europe as the best places to experience northern lights.

The north-western parts of Canada including Nunavut, Yukan, Alaska and northwest territories are favorable.

Other important factors to make your experience worth your trip are, pollution free sky( 25-35 km away from city areas) and a relative high ground.

What is the best time of the year?

aurora borealis
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Winters in the north are generally considered to be the most suitable time to experience it. Also, searching for aurora borealis forecast will get you some of the most suitable time to visit. The long dark nights and the clear sky favors the phenomena, giving a memorable experience to the travelers. As per the timings are concerned, 10 PM to 02 AM is the best time.

Northern Lights are nature’s work and of course in our “must experience” list.

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