Pak Female Agent Honey-Traps 50 Indian Soldiers! Jawan Arrested


jawan honey-trapped

Honey-trapping is no new practice that is used to collect evidences on the subject of honey trap. As the word itself hints, honey trap is a technique that uses romantic or sexual relationships for a political or monetary purpose to get information of another party.

These days this word is often seen or heard in news. And the victim is no other than the Indian Army. Considered among the most powerful armies of the world, Indian Army is definitely known for its bravery and hence, Pakistan has started looking for detestable ways to get information from army soldiers and officers.

Pakistan does not want to lag behind in the race of this digitalized era and thus their Intelligence agencies have best used the social media as a platform to lure Indian Army jawans to get some details by honey-trapping them.

Recently a case has been out where Anika Chopra who claims to be a captain in the Military Nursing Corps of the Indian Army is honey-trapping soldiers. Her facebook account has a beautiful profile picture which is pretty enough to fascinate any man which is actually a fake account run by Pakistani agents.

Not just one, around fifty soldiers have already been her target. She sends friend requests to the men in uniform who get flattered on being approached by a young lady officer.

Her recent victim has been Sepoy Somveer Singh from Rohtak, who was presently posted with an Armoured unit in Jaisalmer. Initially she interrogated innocently but once given some sensitive information, she started blackmailing Singh.

Sources even claim that Singh had started taking money in lieu of all the information he passed to the Pakistani agent but only an amount of Rupees 5000 has been taken till now. All these victim soldiers including Singh are now being questioned by a joint team of Rajasthan STF and military intelligence. In this regard, Chief of the Army staff, General Rawat remarked that these army soldiers are approached by many fake accounts and also advised his men to be careful of any such future happenings.

The only preventive measure with the authorities on every level is to create awareness about the crime and its consequences

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