07 Less Explored Places Of Himachal Pradesh

Are you one of those googling less explored places or treks in India?

Well, the snowing season is already here and we all can well imagine how beauteously the hills started turning white. These beauties never fail to woo us. Shimla is one such place which each one of us would love visiting specially, when winter season is at peak. But have you already been to Shimla many times yet seen nothing but the crowd all around?

Well, there certainly are some places in and around Shimla which not many people are actually aware of and you for sure would not find masses out there. If you want to visit places which are less explored so that you can always tell the special stories about these places to your friends, you surely need to have a look at these places:

1. Kiala Forest

A perfect place for nature lovers and photographers, this very forest is located in Kotkhai region in Shimla. All the nature and wildlife photographers out there, this place is definitely going to be one of your favorite trips as you can get a chance to shoot some indigenous animals here along with the serene environment. It is definitely one of the less explored places with true natural beauty.

2. Viceregal Lodge

viceregal lodge

Viceregal Lodge, which is now known as Rashtrapati Niwas is built on the second highest point in Shimla called Observatory Hill. Built with light blue limestone and grey sandstone, the building would undoubtedly seek your attention as British used their latest technology to build it.

Dr. S Radhakrishnan handed over this building to the Ministry of Education to make some educational use. The house also has an indoor tennis court.

3. Kuthar Fort

About 800 years ago, the Gurkha Kings built this fort called Kuthar Fort, some portion of which is not that old though. Inside of the fort is designed by wooden carving which beautifies it to an extremely high level. There is also a mountain called Kuthar Mountain on which it is located. This indeed is a place which gives a sheen view of the lesser Himalayas which is enough to simply make you feel captivated.

4. Johnnie’s Wax Museum

Ever wished to visit Madame Tussuads Museum? You say it and you get it. The Queen of Hills has got a surprise for its lovers as you can now see  some sort of replica of London’s Wax Museum now in Shimla, called Johnnie’s Wax Museum. Located right near the Willow Bank, you will get to see some amazingly made statues. From Honorable PM of India, Narendra Modi to the former US President, Barack Obama; from King of Pop to Captain Jack Sparrow, you would see your eyes getting stuck to these statues.

5. Chadwick Waterfall

Surrounded by thick Pine trees and Deodar trees, this waterfall is a must visit place when you are in Shimla. Located near Summer Hill, the height of the fall is 1586 meters from the sea level. The speciality of the Chadwick Waterfall is that the shimmery water emits thousands of rainbows before entering into the pool below and the pool again attracts you by its crystal clear water. It definitely is one of the less explored beauties of Himachal Pradesh.

6. Padam Palace

The last capital of the Bushahr dynasty which ruled Shimla and Kinnaur of which, Former CM Virbhadra Singh was the last King is Rampur  Bushahr. The town Rampur Bushahr is located on the banks of river Sutlej. The Sheesh Mahal or the Padam Palace is believed to be the glory of this place. The wooden carved structures are truly fascinating. Visitors must visit this place to actually get enthused by the astonishing palace located in the wonderful surroundings.

7. Sarahan

Bheema Kaali Temple located in Sarahan in Shimla is a major tourist attraction. Most of the devotees here come from West Bengal to celebrate the grand festival of Durga Pooja during the month of October. Sarahan is located very high in Shimla which gives an astonishing view of the mountain ranges around. You can see snow covered peaks from the temple itself. The temple is made marvellously  and you would be delighted to see different varieties of flowers in the garden right adjacent to the temple.

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