06 Reasons Not To Skip Your Leg Day

Google the phrase “Friends don’t let you skip the leg day” and you will find memes of people with bulky upper body with thin legs. I bet no one would have those body goals. Mostly, Saturdays are observed as leg days and to no one’s surprise gym halls are almost empty. But leg days are as more important than any other day and here are 06 reasons that will make you think before skipping the leg days.

  1. Weaker legs are more prone to injuries.
knee pain

According to a survey conducted, biceps are unanimously the most attractive part of the male body. But another survey suggests weaker legs are more prone to ligament injuries. The reason why muscular legs are preferred by some of the best fitness trainers is that legs support the upper body and prevent you from injuries that might hamper your performance.

2. Nobody likes those ‘Chicken legs’ 

The guys with twig legs in those memes look silly. It is very clear that they spend most of the time hammering their biceps, chest and shoulders. So the next time you skip the leg day, remember wearing shorts might become a nightmare fort you.

3. Less squats, lesser strength

The lower body consists largest mass of muscle and is not so easy to build. Moreover, training your lower body helps release of growth hormone that becomes a key element for muscle building. No doubt, a hard leg day will keep you at home but will always help you accomplish your body goals.

4. Burn more calories every time.

Every time you workout on that bulky mass, you tend to lose more calories, thus making you reach your goal faster. Also, If ignored for longer period, lower body mass gets harder to lose.

5. Improved ‘Big Lifts’

You might be unaware of the fact that the core and legs produce majority of the power during the heavy lifts. Performing heavy lift exercises like deadlifts strengthen your glutes, legs and lower body and ultimately develop your heavy lifts.

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