04 New Year Health Resolutions You Must Avoid

new year health resolutions
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As the new year is approaching stealthily closer, many of us have our ‘fitness goals resolutions’ in our minds. But in the race of getting fitter we tend to fall for shortcuts. Checking out for reviews on the web and making changes in your fitness plan can sometimes pose adverse effects.
Here is a list of ‘not to do’ things in the name of fitness resolutions this coming year.

  1. Cutting down your diet to ‘Just Salads’
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Most of us have the wrong idea of the word “dieting”. Instead of focusing on the right thing to eat, we focus onΒ  what not to eat. In this case many of us home down to diet consisting of only salads. The ‘only salads’ diet will surely provide you with enough fiber but what about the other essential dietary components our body requires? In order to lose fat it is always recommended to either follow a professional dietician or chiseled diet plan. Check out for some of the best reviews by the professional dieticians over the web and consult your trainer for the same.

2. Running long distances daily

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In order to shed fat quickly, we try the ‘more cardio’ strategy and choose long runs as the best option. The other side of this coin is poor joint health and increased Cortisol levels. In some cases running mindlessly can lead to ‘Stress fractures’. So you must plan your cardio sessions carefully.

3. Joining Zumba/Aerobic dance classes

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Almost every gym these days provide these classes to keep their customers happy while workout sessions. What we don’t realize is that these classes may help you lose some weight in the beginning but people with some serious fitness goals should reconsider this.

4. Keto-diet

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In this list of not to do things, Keto-diet is one of the main that we should not follow wrongly. It is considered as one of the most strict diet by dieticians and can affect your personal life adversely. So, before you include this in your resolutions, research well !

It is always recommended to consult a good dietician before making any changes to your workout plan.

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    (December 16, 2018 - 11:17 pm)

    Well, there goes 2 of my new year resolutions πŸ˜‚
    Good writeups. Breaker of myths πŸ™‚


      (December 16, 2018 - 11:33 pm)

      Thanks Mr. Somveer !
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    Hi, I follow your blog and I enjoyed this post a lot. . How may I find out more?

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